Gilad Law Firm was established in 1981 by Adv. Moshe Gilad, who was later appointed as the Presiding Judge of a Three Judge Tribunal for Serious Crimes in the Haifa District Court, and following his retirement from the bench, he has returned to his position as a criminal lawyer and the head of the firm. Over the years, our firm has represent thousands of defendants and criminal suspects, in a wide range of criminal offenses.

משה גלעד, משרד עורכי דין, חקירות, תסקיר מעצר, תמונת רקע

תחומי פעילות המשרד

אלימות מינית

תחום הפגיעות המיניות כולל בתוכו פשעים שונים הגוררים עונשים, זאת כתלות בזהות הנפגעים ובגילם

עבירות תעבורה חמורות

ובכללן תאונות דרכים שגרמו למוות, לנכות או לפציעות חמורות ועוד.

עבירות רכוש

תחום עבירות הרכוש הוא ענף במשפט הפלילי אשר מאגד עבירות שונות שהמשותף להן- הפגיעה ברכושו של הזולת או של הכלל.

עבירות אלימות במשפחה

ובכללן עבירות תקיפה וחבלה בין בני זוג, כלפי חסרי ישע ועוד.

חנינה לנשיא המדינה

נשיא המדינה הוא בעל סמכות ייחודית לחון עבריינים, נאשמים או חשודים בהליך פלילי.

עבירות צווארון לבן

ובכללן עבירות שוחד, מרמה, הפרת אמונים, העלמת מס ועוד.


The firm is located in the city of Acco and was founded in 1981 by Adv. Moshe Gilad, now a retired judge, who managed the firm for 27 years, until his appointment as a judge in the Haifa District Court in 2008.

In September 2015, Adv. Moshe Gilad retired from his position as a judge in the Haifa District Court, where he served as the Presiding Judge of a Three Judge Tribunal for Serious Crimes, and returned to his law firm.

During his absence, the firm was run by his son, Adv. Ziv Gilad and his daughter, Adv. Rinat Gilad – Pearl.

The firm has been involved in the field of criminal law for more than 40 years during which it has represented thousands of people who were accused of involvement in criminal activity.

During his expansive period of work as a criminal defense attorney, Moshe Gilad represented thousands of suspects and defendants in serious, difficult and complex cases, some of which received a great deal of media coverage, such as: the “Shomrat Rape”, the “Triple Murder” which occurred at the Shaldag Beach in Tiberias, the murder of the security coordinator at Kibbutz Menara as well as numerous other cases.

Today, Adv. Moshe Gilad has returned to lead the firm and contribute his extensive experience in the field of criminal law to help people who have become entangled with the law.

Even though the firm specializes in a varied range of criminal law, Adv. Moshe Gilad is currently focusing on representing people who are “first-time offenders” of the law as well as people suspected or charged with "white-collar" and sex crimes.

Adv. Moshe Gilad also deals with arbitrations in the field of civil law, and a department has been established in the firm to handle large and complex tort cases in cooperation with the Zeltzer & Co Law Firm in Tel Aviv.

In the past, the Zeltzer & Co Law Firm represented the families of the athletes murdered during the Munich Olympics, the young woman from Australia, Sasha Alterman, who was injured in the collapse of the bridge during the Maccabi Games, as well as many other complex cases.

Adv. Ziv Gilad, Adv. Rinat Gilad – Pearl and Adv. Valentin Zabarov deal with other areas of criminal law; traffic offenses such as – negligent homicide or manslaughter – tax and VAT offenses, violent offenses, including domestic violence, fraud and breach of trust offenses, bribery offenses et al.

Adv. Ziv Gilad and Adv. Rinat Gilad – Pearl also represent inmates before the parole boards, as well as defendants who are on trial in the military courts.

The Gilad Law Firm represents suspects and defendants in courts throughout the country, not only in the northern region.

The firm is significantly involved in the representation of suspects in the pre–trial stages; during the investigation and arrest stages or the hearing stages prior to the decision of the prosecuting authorities regarding the filing or non–filing of an indictment..

The representation of suspects in these early stages is of great importance to the firm, no less than the representation stage during the trial, since the counseling and representation provided in the early stages greatly influences the legal process and its subsequent outcomes.

Adv. Ziv Gilad is a veteran defense attorney with more than 22 years of experience in representing suspects and defendants; Adv. Rinat Gilad – Pearl is a defense attorney with approximately 12 years of experience and holds a Master’s Degree in Law, in the field of criminal law, from the University of Haifa.

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